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Bentley: A Journey

The Brand Book
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Bentley Motors

Bentley Global

Previously known as Pure Bentley, A Journey is the Bentley brand book. Other than the Bentley Magazine, this is the only printed book Bentley creates. It's an important prospecting tool. It tells the entire story of Bentley Motors. From where the brand started in 1919, through the years to the present day and gives a sneak peak in to where the brand and its products are heading. 

in 2020, we decided to start from scratch with our brand book. I worked with Andrew Hudson (Andrew Hudson Design) and Matt Price to create an entirely new brand book, not just from a layout and design perspective, but also tonally. We wanted to communicate in a confident way as a luxury brand should.

The result is a highly polished book, designed with an accompanying intricate slipcase to be used in retailers and at events that screams luxury. From the high quality design and print, to the luxurious 200gsm Fedrigoni paper and the Foilco Prism Silver Rainbow

Creative: Andrew Hudson

Copy: Matt Price

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