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A huge undertaking. With a new Director of Marketing in place, we needed to create something new and bold, different to anything we had done before.

Deadlines on this job were tighter than ever and as always, the team delivered, Whether it was arranging and joining calls first thing in the morning in the planning stage, working all night to deliver creative ideas and presenations or waking up at 2am to start shooting in San Diego after only getting 4 hours sleep after a 19 hour day before.

As always, we made the images captured, and the locations used, work harder than they were designed to do. One location was only permitted and thought about for one angle but the day before we were asked to make it work for 2, despite having already seen the location and made the decision of where to position the camera, so we free-styled it on the day and got the extra shot. 

Lighting is always important, but with this new "copper" treatment we were going for, it was even more important, without the right light, there was no way we could push the images in the retouch stage to deliver what we needed to.

Photographer: Simon Puschmann (CRXSS)

Art Director: Iain Ross (Motorvated Creative) / Kirsty Dallas (Keko London)

Producer: Sam Henshaw (Keko London)

Local Producer: Cristin Shea (Found Productions)

Retouching: Harvest

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