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Festive Campaign 2020

A VIP collects their special Festive Commission

Bentley Motors

Bentley Global

For Christmas 2020, Bentley wanted to do something different. Usually we would produce a Christmas card (I managed the 2019 Christmas card project) which would be sent to retailers around the globe to forward on to their customers. However, with a focus on sustainability and reducing waste, the decision was to create a shareable asset to celebrate the festivities nad bring a bit of light-heartedness at the end of what had been a tough year for everyone. 


The idea  was simple, film the team at Bentley going through the process of speccing and building a car for the most well-known Christmas VIP, Santa.

This was my first project to go live as a Campaign Manager. The timings were tight but as always, the team we worked with helped us pull it out of the bag, and we produced something which engaged with fans, customers and retailers far better than we could have hoped for.

Director: Paul Griffin

Art Director: Keko London

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