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Breitling Jet Team Series

7 Cars. 7 Jets. 7 Customers. 7 Pilots. 1 extraordinary handover experience.

Bentley Motors


The Bentley GT Continental Speed Breitling Jet Team Series Limited Edition by Mulliner, is not only the longest project name it was also the first project I worked on when I joined Bentley.

This series of 7 cars was a regional request from the US and Breitling to celebrate the first tour of North America by the renowned Breitling Jet Team. Designed by the distinctive look of the L-39 Albatross Jets the team use, these cars were handed over at the Boeing Seafiar Airshow in Seattle.

On this project, I managed the film and photography creation with our agency. The end product and story of this project were so compelling that almost 5 years later, we still use this as an example of what Mulliner is about.

With many bespoke features including paint and leather matched to that of Breitling's yellow, the video and photography concept was the show the process Mulliner goes through when creating a car.

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