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Intelligence That Moves You

XPENG Motors


This was the first pan-EU vehicle we launched at XPENG. The P5 is a family sedan with lots of space, storage compartments and technology.

Having just joined the XPENG team in Amsterdam, i was asked to support the creative process with the agency and other team members, utilising my experience of film and photography production.

After narrowing down the agency to one idea, we worked with them to nail down the idea to something we were really excited about.

The video idea was to show a daydreamer dreaming he is behind the wheel of his cool neighbour's P5, and show off some of the key selling points of the car.

The photography idea was to show a different side of the P5 in mirrors.

I offered support on the pre and post-production of the videos and was involved in the entire process for the images, including offering creative feedback to polish the images overall appearance.

Agency: Hreoiks

Art Director: Illan Haddad

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