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Mulliner Event Kit

A Mulliner showroom on wheels.

Bentley Motors


The longest project I worked on from start to finish. A 14 month process to look at how we could create a portable event kit that could be used at events around the globe to promote Mulliner.

A big problem we faced in Mulliner was brand awareness, this wasn't helped by the fact that we only had 3 dedicated areas in showrooms out of a network of over 210 dealerships globally.

To overcome this, I embarked on a project to create a "Mulliner Room on wheels".

After 14 months of working with a new supplier, what we ended up with was our first prototype. The design was customisable, as you would expect from something from Mulliner). Retailers would be able to pick accent colours that would be more appropriate for their market.

The brief was to create something that could fit through a standard door, be transported easily and would allow us to update it as and when required. 

What we decided to do was incorporate a TV screen so we could upload the most recent brand films, two magnetic panels with the iconic Mulliner quilt pattern on for samples to be added and removed, this also allows for guests to interact with the items, two drawers and a space for a 22" wheel. It was then finished and trimmed in Bentley leather.

Its first outing was at the Bentley Global Retailer conference where colleagues from around the world praised the idea and enquired to its availability.

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