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Bentayga Extended Wheelbase

The Most Luxurious SUV

Bentley Motors


The most luxurious SUV. Comfort outside your comfort zone.

What started off as a "normal" product launch turned in to a much, much bigger task. Bentley decided to release a new derivative strategy and tie it in to the launch of Bentayga EWB.

I spent my last twelve months at Bentley planning this product launch, ensuring there was a strong campaign, creative that worked in our key markets (China and North America) and across all of our channels, including a new website design that wasn't clear or defined.

This was a challenging project, with new processes at every stage, constantly changing requirements and a derivative strategy that wasn't ironed out or clear.

For this project I was responsible for planning the global campaign and announcement of the car, ensuring all teams were ready for the launch date, all assets were completed on time and distributed to regions and retailers ahead of the launch.

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