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GT Convertible Galene Edition

Convertible GT inspired by the British yacht builder Princess Yachts.

Bentley Motors


Requested by the European region, this limited edition resulted in cars being available all over the world. Mulliner collaborated with Princess Yachts on the design features of this car.

In order to elevate this project over previous Mulliner cars, I decided we should create some location photography with a yacht. Working with Princess, I flew out with a photographer last minute (and I mean last minute, we booked the flights on the Thursday afternoon and flew out on the Saturday morning) to Mallorca not really knowing what we would find when we get there.

The photographs were taken at Port Adriano and we had to deal with not knowing which slip the yacht would be moored in the next morning or what other boats would be around us. Lucky for us we found the yacht in the "almost" perfect location with little distraction around us. 

Working with one of our retouchers, we then comped together the backplate, made changes to the environment and the CGI'd the car in to position

Photographer: James Callaghan

Art Director: Mark Buckingham/Iain Ross (Studio only)

Retouching: PICS (Location only)

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