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GT Speed Virtual Test Drive

Experience the GT Speed from anywhere

Bentley Motors

Bentley Global

What do you do when you launch a new car during a global pandemic? Where customers are either unable or reluctant to go back to their previous shopping habits? Retailers still need to sell cars and offer test drives.

To overcome this, we came up with what is a world first. A virtual test drive experience in the Continental GT Speed Convertible.

Our initial idea was simple. Show everyone what it's like to be driven in a Continental GT Speed by an expert driver using a mix of normal roads and a track. But then we had to figure out how to make it an immersive experience without having to have customers or retailers spend a fortune on fancy VR equipment.

To make this more then just linking to a YouTube video, I had a direct mail piece created which consisted of a box which contained a brochure, Google Cardboard and letter which retailers could have made locally and send to their customers and prospect for a more immersive experience. 

Director: Al Clark (Out Run Productions)

Art Director: Keko London

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