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Mulliner History

460 Years of history in less than 4 minutes.

Bentley Motors


How do you try and tell the story of a brand in the automotive industry that has been around over 200 years longer than cars?

To overcome this I worked with a small marketing agency to create a mini-documentary that talks through the History of the Mulliner name going back to 1559 all the way to the present day.

Naturally, there is limited imagery and no film available for the majority of the 460 year history, so to ensure we created something that was more engaging than just static images with a voice over, we employed a technique known as Parallax  (A.K.A 2.5D) which allowed us to add movement to still images and create something that was more interesting.

This film is used when introducing new people to the Mulliner brand whether it be new starters in the Mulliner Team or new Sales people anywhere in the world.

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