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Mulliner Paint

When 106 colours just aren't enough.

Bentley Motors


For the discerning motor vehicle owner there's something about owning a car that is unmistakingly yours. Customers could select from a selection of 25 Mulliner paint colours including solid, metallic, pearlescent and satin finishes. Or for something truly one-of-a-kind, we could match any sample supplied. Previous examples include a food blender, nail varnish, lip gloss, wrapping paper and even blue sequins on a dress.

To re-launch Mulliner Personal Commission Paint, a number of marketing assets were created. 

For this I led the creative tender with 3 agencies for the launch of the offer, worked with two colleagues to develop a packaging concept to deliver bespoke paint samples in and also created the idea to promote bespoke paint at the Geneva Motorshow and managed the in-house production and brief of the film. The film created had to fit an obscure ratio as we were displaying it across 3 curved 50" 4K TV's.

I also worked with a two trusted retouching companies to retouch an existing GT launch image in to the Mulliner paint range and also bespoke colours based on objects.

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