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New Bentayga V8

Luxury defined. Performance unleashed.

Bentley Motors

Bentley Global

Not only the biggest I have ever been involved in, but also the biggest studio photoshoot Bentley has ever done.

Three cars. 87 Images. 31 days. 217 sausages.

This shoot supported the launch of the New Bentayga in 2020. A brand new car with improved exterior design and an updated interior. But it wasn't for just one car, it was for three. With a plan for three derivatives being launched close together, we had to shoot all three cars back-to-back.


The three cars were all pre-production prototype vehicles and were not built or trimmed correctly and with design changes still being made to the car, it caused issues later on in the project, but the talented team I worked with, delivered the perfect result.

87 images was the plan, but in reality we delivered more. This was partly due to requests from the business for different versions of images as well as me seeing variations we could create in the studio and during post production. I managed the creation of hero and detail images as well as ensuring the Aftersales department had imagery they required for launch.

The team at Mustard Post rose to the challenge, whether it was changing the paint colour of a car form silver to green or creating a CGI environment to drop the hero exteriors in to.

Photographer: James Callaghan 

Art Director: Leo Lebkuchen/Mark "Bucky" Buckingham (Keko London)

Account Manager: Maria Rudkin (Keko London)

Retouching: Mustard Post

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