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GT Number 9 Handover Box

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery
1056_BEN_No9Box_SHOT_3_v1g_R copy.jpg

Bentley Motors


When creating the W.O. Edition Mulsanne, I came up with the idea of providing something extraordinary to each customer, something we had never done before for a limited edition. A presentation handover box.

As the GT Number 9 followed on from the highly successful Mulsanne, I wanted to carry this on. It followed the same concept. of including a model of the No.9 Blower, space for all 3 keys, a certificate of authenticity and a brochure filled with imagery of both cars telling the incredible story of the Blower, Sir Tim Birkin and the Bentley Boy Spirit..

Working with the designer and the new supplier we finalised a design, created a prototype which was then used to sign off for the final design with our Director of Design and Mulliner, Head of Interior Design, Head of Mulliner, Purchasing and our CEO.

As with the Mulsanne WO Edition handover box, the idea was to replicate the car design for the box so it they were unmistakably linked. We considered different options including using the Aluminium Engine Spin that was used for the centre console, or Piano Black that was used for the fascia and waistrails. However, we eventually decided to use the new paint colour, Viridian.



Photographer: Trigger Shoots

Art Director: N/a

Retouching: Mustard Post

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