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Intelligently Moving Your World
Teaser G9 & new P7.jpg


EU/Global (Outside of China)

Here you will find a selection of projects that I worked on with our in-house creative team to promote the brand and products within Europe and also globally (excluding China).

All of the ideas you see on this page were created by our in-house production team and the ideas were generated by me.

What you see here is just a fraction of what I came up with and was involved in during my time at XPENG.

Cinematography: Carlos Bernabe

Post Production: Carlos Bernabe

Above - the tease picture used ahead of the European launch for G9 and P7

Left - A fun social media post using the sound from automotive TikTok creator Daniel Mac

Right - a project that was in the planning for months. An ASMR video to tease our new G9 SUV

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