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You've Always Driven Electric



The XPENG P7 you see on this page is the facelifted version of the P7 that has been sold in Norway for a while. The new P7 features an updated interior and exterior as well as some updated hardware to make the car even better for European customers.

To communicate the launch of the car, we needed a campaign that could not only show the benefits of owning a high performance sports sedan, but also help position the XPENG brand, which is relatively unknown, within the EU automotive market which is extremely mature.

This project started in June 2022 when I was tasked to come up with ideas for film and photography. I spent a few weeks coming up with rough ideas, building upon these, getting feedback from colleagues to see if the idea also resonated with them. Finally, I presented these ideas to some team members based in China in order to get the project approved.

The agency we appointed came up with a variation of the idea I had presented to them, but after sharing this with our country marketing teams, we all decided it wasn't strong enough for the EU market and I instructed the agency to proceed with the idea I had presented. 

The creative revolves around the idea that when any of us are asked "what was the first car you owned?" we are likely to reply with a petrol or diesel powered car. But is that really true? For many of us, we played with toy cars from a very young age and many of us also played with remote control cars, which are electric. I wanted to create a video where we had a child and an adult who were both using their electric cars and we cut between the RC car doing something and the P7 doing the same action.

This was a very challenging production. We were forced to shoot in China due to budget restrictions and not having cars available outside of China at the time. This meant dealing with lots of Covid restrictions which could (and did) change at very short notice. Also, shooting in the Northern Hemisphere in winter is never ideal due to weather, this led to some last minute location changes and the addition of some lakes to a couple of the images to hide some bad looking grass.

Creative Concept: Brad Mace (that's me)

Agency: Go Vision

Director: Kevin Lee

Photographer: Li Bo

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